• Erik Magnussen

    Erik Magnussen

    Erik Magnussen (1940-2014)

    As a newly graduated ceramicist in the sixties, he started working for the then highly esteemed Copenhagen porcelain industry. Before long, he broke from tradition and created modern services with few multi-functional parts to avoid repeating the mistakes of the earlier multi-functional services.

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  • Jørgen Rasmussen

    Jørgen Rasmussen

    Jørgen Rasmussen and his twin brother Ib Rasmussen were born in Odense, Denmark on April 26, 1931. Jørgen was born 10 minutes before Ib, making him the eldest. Both brothers are architects and studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, from which they graduated in 1955. In their student days the identical twins took great pleasure in...

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  • Morten Engelbrecht

    Morten Engelbrecht

    Morten Engelbrecht was born on 10 January 1961 and is the designer behind the APPETIT® Table series. He has worked with furniture, design and materials since his student years. After graduating with a business degree, he worked for furniture companies such as Bo-Tikken and Paustian for many years.

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  • Anders Hermansen

    Anders Hermansen

    Anders Hermansen was born on 8 April 1960 in Stevns, south of Copenhagen. In 1982, as a recent graduate furniture designer from the Danish Design School, he began working with leading Danish design companies such as Paustian and Louis Poulsen.

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